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5-Part Masterclass Intensive (+Q&A) With Jake Olson

5-Part Masterclass Intensive (+Q&A) With Jake Olson

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By buying this 5-part Photography Masterclass you also get the invitation to a private group where you can share your work and get my feedback, ask anything you want to know and I'll be there to help you out. 

#1 - Jake takes you through the latest techniques he's developed; a 5 step process he now uses each time to create Award Winning Photographs for Summer. 

From Exposure and Image Selection to final editing including Summer colour dynamics.

#2 - How to enhance the deep rich colors of your fall photograph. How to use effects to create a surreal look on a special moment. Jake reveals the latest techniques he's developed step-by-step.

From Exposure and Image Selection to final editing including the natural enhancement of Photos with leaves instead of using overlays.

#3 -This 3 part LIVE online series culminates in a final behind-the-scenes tutorial, where Jake will do a screenshare and show you the exact method he used to go from 0 to over 600k followers on Facebook with millions of views on 500px and a multi-award winning photographer.

Jake exposes marketing secrets that the most successful photographers don’t want you to know.


#4 - Once you've experienced Jake's tutorials and have started your journey to amazing photography, listen in on this session where Jake answers a host of related questions from budding photographers (just like you).

#5- Learn How To Composite Like a Pro-Join Jake as he walks you through his creative thought process on his latest viral image that has been seen by millions. 





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